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AutoRange conflicts with ZoomExtents, but AxisDrag works

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Afternoon gurus, I’m currently playing around with the various modifiers that’re available and I’ve noticed something odd keeps happening. When I modify the axes of a series with the drag modifier DragMode.Scale, the ZoomExtents modifier for that series stops working. DragMode.Pan doesn’t produce the same issue, it zooms just fine. Is this a known issue or am I creating it with my code? For clarification, the drag modifier starts with IsEnabled = False and ZoomExtents works just fine.

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I’m not sure if you are aware of this behavior: if you have AutoRange=”Always” on an axis and scale it via the axis dragging, then ZoomExtents doesn’t work. It is because AxisDragModifier scales the axis in such cases changing its GrowBy. You can observe this behavior in our StockChart examples(YAxis has AutoRange=”Always” by default).

Best regards,

  • rcannon
    That's the issue I was having. I forget that the GrowBy settings exists because I never use them, but it fully explains the issues I was having. Thank you Yuriy.
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