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Drawing selectable "lines" in 3D

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I am interested in drawing lines segments/cylinders on a WPF 3D plot in a manner that allows them to be selected or allow hit testing. I have looked at:

1) Selecting a vertex on a SciChart3DSurface, but I need to select the line
2) Drawing CylinderPointMarker3D’s but I need to set the length of each one

These lines only need to be drawn in the XY, XZ, and YZ planes so I have thought about using the ImpulseRenderableSeries3D but I need to control where the line segments start and end – and this doesn’t look like it allows control of the start.

Any ideas?


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Hi Jonathan,

I am sorry for the late reply.
I’ve discussed this with our developers, and this feature is not provided out of the box for SciChart 3D currently. You can use the Vertex Selection Modifier instead.
However, you can create a New feature request and let people vote for it. It will be prioritized by the team based on its relevance and the number of votes. Here is how to do this:

With best regards,

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