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Editable Axis End labels

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The axis labels are not always showing when zoomed in/out.
Is there a way/workaround to persist the end labels and also make it editable?

Please see attached pic


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Pramesh, screenshots of expected v. actual behaviour would be very helpful here. Can you edit your answer & comment below when done?
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Updated with screenshots.

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The first pic shows the end label.
In the second pic, the end label is not visible when zoomed in a little. ( Is it possible to make the min/max always show).
Third pic is for an editable end label. (any suggestions to easily set the min/max)

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Thanks Pramesh,

The first screenshot looks like a bug. Displaying -0 (minus zero) is a localisation issue which I believe we fixed. Will double check what version it has (or will be) released to.

Second screenshot, the axis are supposed to be dynamic so when you scroll left and right the axis labels move with the axis. However, there are a few ways to achieve different label placement strategies on axis in SciChart.

Here are some related questions on the forums which have solutions

  1. How to always display start point label and last point label on xAxis? – has TickProvider solution
  2. How to display first and last value of the axis – earlier post, mentions static axis feature
  3. How to show first and last major tick labels – earlier post, before we had a solution

Best regards,

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