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Embeding SciChart dll into WPF application issues…



I have been doing a little demo work with you library to make sure it fits our needs before we commit to a license.

I was becoming extremely frustrated when your sample apps would work perfectly fine, yet when I tried to copy the exact same code into my application I consistently got a blank window, no exceptions or errors…

I finally figured out the cause of this was that I was embedding the SciChart dll into my application as a resource (see here if interested ).

I usually do this will ALL of my dll’s as it makes deployment easier and adds a level of obfuscation to the end user as they can’t see all of the libraries being used without using something to unpack the main exe.

Did you do something to intentionally prevent this with the trial version? Or would we have this same issue even after we buy a license?

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Hello Robert,

Hmm, interesting issue you’ve found there. I must confess, this is a non-standard application of SciChart and not something that we have tested, or support.

When the application loads a trial key is automatically applied. Some verification includes tamper detection and strong name verification occurs so I am guessing this is flagging a violation here.

I would suggest you just reference the Dll directly during your trial and if you decide to purchase there is always the source code option which allows direct compilation into your target exe (and we know it works)!

I hope this helps,

Best regards,

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