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I’m using the error bars series, and I get some strange behavior when zooming in/out using the RubberBandXyZoomModifier.
Sometimes the vertical line is not drawn, and sometimes the top & bottom horizontal lines are not drawn / drawn too wide.

This issue doesn’t occur when zoom with the MouseWheelZoomModifier.
However, with the MouseWheelZoomModifier in the current implementation the top & bottom horizontal line width depend on the zoom level (the zoom level affects the horizontal lines), where in my opinion it should not. For example, when zooming in, the horizontal lines may cover the whole view width, and when zooming out to a certain level you cannot see them since they are too short.

I attached a few screenshots of the same data in different zoom/pan, when using the RubberBandXyZoomModifier (the MouseWheelZoomModifier issue can be easily reproduced with simple data).
Screenshot ‘error_bars_display1’: horizontal lines are too wide.
Screenshot ‘error_bars_display2’: vertical & horizontal lines are not drawn at all (left line. Only the scatter series cross marker can be seen).
Screenshot ‘error_bars_display3’: vertical line is drawn, but horizontal lines are not (left line. This is one mouse wheel rotation-click away from screenshot #2).
It seems like an issue with the line size calculations (?).

Note: the ‘closing’ value of the HlcSeries is drawn using a Scatter series with a cross marker, so you can ignore it in the attached screenshots.


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Hi Yonatan,

We’re not aware of any issues with the ErrorBars series.

The width might be related to the ErrorBarsRenderableSeries.DataPointWidth property, as the error bar is designed to fill a fraction of the width between adjacent data, so if you have one data-point that’s all of the screen.

If you send over a code sample (that we can compile & debug) one of our team will be able to investigate and give you some pointers.

Best regards,

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