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Extend Latest Value of Series to Current Time

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In short, I am trying to do the same thing done here (, except the types I am using are different and I am having trouble making it work.

We are using MVVM, where our data series is an XyDataSeries<DateTime, double> and our view models are LineRenderableSeriesViewModels. I am trying to make a custom class that inherits from one of those types so I can override the draw function just like the question I linked to did, so I don’t have to change away from any of the types we are already using. The problem is I am not seeing any overridable internal draw type of function for either of those two types. Is there one that I’m missing or is there a different way to approach this?


6.0.357 (Wizard)
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Hi Clayton,

Thanks for your inquiry.
If you are looking for a way to create a custom Renderable Series, we recommend using our CustomRenderableSeries API.

Here you can find more details:
SciChart WPF Documentation – Custom Series (CustomRenderableSeries) | WPF Chart Documentation

The mentioned API is also used in the following example provided in our WPF Examples Suite:
WPF Spline Line Scatter Chart – SciChart

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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Hi again,

As I said, we are using MVVM in our software. As I understand it, you normally add data to a surface using some type of RenderableSeries. But when you are using MVVM, you add data to a surface using a RenderableSeriesViewModel that has its own DataSeries (which actually contains the data).

If I am using MVVM and would like to customize how certain data is drawn onto my surface, how can I do that? As I understand it, I can’t simply use the CustomRenderableSeries API as BaseRenderableSeries is neither a RenderableSeriesViewModel nor a DataSeries.

How can I implement custom drawing while using MVVM? Does SciChart support this?

Thanks again,

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