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I’d like to be able to hide the line in the FastLineRenderableSeries so only the markers show. I’ve tried setting the width to 0, but that throws exceptions as it can’t handle 0. Currently, I am setting the brush to Transparent so it is invisible, but I suspect there is still some processing related to drawing going on.

Is it possible to allow a width of 0, which just skips the drawing logic completely for the line and move on to markers?

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Hi there,

In SciChart 2.0v series isn’t drawn and any related processing isn’t performed if IRenderableSeries.SeriesColor is set to be fully transparent. So your workaround is acceptable one.

Width property is ignored by drawing system, it is inherited from base class together with another properties of Control which aren’t used.

Alternatively, you could consider using of XyScatterRenderableSeries instead – if it is suitable in your case.

Best regards,

  • Mike Melancon
    XyScatterRenderableSeries isn't an option because that would require creating a new Series, and rebinding all of the properties each time the user wanted to hide/show the markers. Although it may not take long from the users perspective, it's a pain development wise to have to switch them and treat them differently. After inspecting the 1.7 code, I'm not sure why they are even two different series types as the code looks very similar. Seems like it would be easier for the developers to be able to set a ShowLine Boolean property as to whether or not to draw the line, and then those two series would merge into one. it would also stop me from having to cache the current series color somewhere while I set it to transparent, then have to set it back when they show it again. Same with FastMountainRenderableSeries. Seems like a ShowFill Boolean and the properties to describe it could be added to the Line Series, since the fill is the only difference. In my experience, other charting components I've used have all of these features easily enabled/disabled, and the multiple classes for these 3 make it much harder to manage. Same for the axis. The switch to a new Logarithmic axis type is making for a painful upgrade for me, since I could easily handle setting a Boolean value to switch it, without having to create a new axis, add it, reconnect all of the series' to it, and handle it differently in code as it is now a different class. To manage switching between those two axis types and those 3 series types, the code around the chart becomes much more complicated than it would be with one of each. I can understand all of the other series types, but the line, scatter, and mountain have a lot of overlapping functionality. I understand there may be other things I don't see, but that's just my perspective as a developer using SciChart.
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Hello – just an FYI the behaviour of FastLineRenderableSeries should be like this:

If SeriesColor is set and pointmarker set, draw both line and pointmarker
If SeriesColor is Transparent and pointmarker set, draw just PointMarkers
If SeriesColor is Transparent and PointMarker is null, draw nothing
If SeriesColor is Set and PointMarker is null, draw the line

Note that the PointMarker.Stroke by default binds to parent series SeriesColor, so you will need to set it to a Color in order to disconnect this binding so you can turn the line on or off with transparency


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