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I am creating a live chart chromatogram with x-axis as time and y-axis as frequency.

Also, I need to show a chart with the last 5 min of data on the y-axis. for that purpose, we have used “FIFOCapacity” property of DataSeries which hold data for last 5 min which is work perfectly, because there is only single value of y with repect to time.

x=>1 2 3 4 5 6
y=>3 5 6 3 3 2

With FIFOcapacity=5 in the above example when 6 come to collection 1 is get removed which is expected

FIFO chart is not working when multiple y value is present for a single x value.

x=>1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 6
y=>3 5 6 3 3 2 5 5 6 1

With FIFOcapacity=5 in the above example when x value 3 come into the collection 1 is get removed from the collection which not expected. (only when 6 (x value) get into collection then 1 get removed is expected)

Could please suggest me any solution if available. Please let me know if there is any information required.

Note: basically I need FIFOCapacity with condition check attributes. I need to clear collection if there is no need of that values because the collection can contain any number of values.

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