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I’m currently testing the 3D charts of scichart, if we can use it for our next project. I have to build up a chart, that looks like that attached ref.jpg. I’m currently using the MountainRenderableSeries3D and I get the data displayed in the way it should be, beside the area below the curve (see screenshot.jpg).

Is it possible to fill the area below the curve? Which kind of RenderableSeries3D do I Have to use?


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Hi there,

WaterfallRenderableSeries3D meets your requirements, I believe. You could check this type of chart in Simple Waterfall 3D Chart example.

Please download WPF Chart Examples Suite here:

and confirm that this type of chart satisfies your goals.

Best regards,

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I’m not sure, if I can use the Waterfall series? As far as I can see the Data-Points on Waterfall series always have the same x-axis distance. In your example you are setting only the y-values:

            for (var pointIndex = 0; pointIndex < pointsPerSlice; pointIndex++)
                var mag = Math.Sqrt(re[pointIndex] * re[pointIndex] + im[pointIndex] * im[pointIndex]);
                var yVal = _random.Next(10, 20) * Math.Log10(mag / pointsPerSlice);
                yVal = (yVal < -25 || yVal > -5)
                    ? (yVal < -25) ? -25 : _random.Next(-6, -3)
                    : yVal;

                dataSeries[sliceIndex, pointIndex] = -yVal * scaleCoef;

The datapoints I have to show must be defined by y and x values. Any other idea? The reason why I used the MountainRenderableSeries3D was, that I’m able to specify a datapoint by x, y and z values …

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Joerg, I’m afraid you’ve found a long forgotten about series that we don’t support. The only series which has similar behaviour is the WaterfallRenderableSeries3D, but as you said that doesnt’ support different spacing between points. Something else you can try. You can try having multiple PointLineRenderableSeries3D to render mountain lines. It won’t render fills. It can be configured to have XYZ spacing as you wish and can draw above and below zero. Let me know if this helps, Best regards, Andrew
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