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Hi All,
I’m using the RubberBandXyZoomModifier and DataPointSelectionModifier together from the left mouse button; enabling and disabling them based on the left CTRL key being pressed (CTRL key down = select).

I’m seeing what I assume to be a focus issue on first mousing over off the chart area in that the chart area doesn’t attract focus, and thus recognise the ctrl key press, until there’s been a mouse button click. I’ve created an app to demonstrate and attached the XAML and code behind for it.

To see the behaviour, run the code and press the “does nothing” button to set focus to it. Mouse over the chart and press the CTRL key – the key press is not recognised. Click the left mouse button and the key press is now recognised. So far so good.
Now if you repeat the process but click and drag – the logic is caught between the two modifiers being enabled/disabled and the zoom selection is shown even though the CTRL key is down. There are other issues e.g. CTRL down and drag outside the chart can leave the selection modifier drag area marked on the chart while the zoom mode is in operation

I was thinking of something like setting focus or forcing a mouse click in response to the mouse over event but so far my attempts have failed – probably from doing the wrong thing in the wrong place – so, as usual, any and all suggestions are most welcome!


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