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Hi, I have a couple inquiries:

  1. After I load all my data to the chart, how can I force to re-render the chart? The problem I’m having is that after I load my data the labels on both axis are not rendered correctly or rendered at all until I interact with the chart or a data point is updated/added (look at the pictures attached).

  2. I have ZoomPanModifier enabled on my chart but I would like to be able to pan beyond the last data point in my dataset, is that possible? In case I’m not clear, when I’m dragging the chart left and right I cannot move beyond the first or last data point in the chart.

Thanks, Diego

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Hi dguerrero,

(1): Simply call SciChartSurface.InvalidateElement(). If you cannot do that (because you are using MVVM) then you can create an instance of DefaultViewportManager in your ViewModel, bind to it in the view like this.

<SciChartSurface ViewportManager="{Binding ViewportManagerInstanceInViewModel}"/>

Then in the view you can call InvalidateParentSurface on the viewport manager to refresh it. There is a Topic on Zooming Including Annotations which demonstrates how to use the ViewportManager.

(2) Yes, this is possible, you need to set ZoomPanModifier.ClipModeX property to ClipAtMin or None.

Best regards,

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