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Freeze chart like picture while appending real time data..

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Hello, I’m using the trial version currently and everything is working great.
I was wondering is there is any way to freeze the chart like I’m looking at pictures while the chart appends new data or save somehow the data points until I will finish my zoom(also if I can move while zooming).
I’m new developer and I have some Idea how to do that but I don’t what will be the right way to do so.

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Hi, thanks for answering back.
I use the “SuspendUpdates” method. my problem is different.
I Use a FIFO capacity of 1500 points while appending real-time data to series. While I use zoom everything works great, the thing is while I zoom and append new data to the series the points that I zoom on them are disappearing because new data have been added and I have a FIFO capacity of 1500 points.
Is there is any way around that? without losing data points.

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Hi Shai

It is possible to freeze the entire chart from updating using a SuspendUpdates block (see Data Performance Tips).

using (sciChartSurface.SuspendUpdates())
    dataSeries.Append(x1, y1);
    dataSeries.Append(x2, y2);
    dataSeries.Append(x3, y4);
    sciChartSurface.YAxis.VisibleRange = new DoubleRange(200, 300);
    sciChartSurface.XAxis.VisibleRange = new DoubleRange(-10, 10);
} // Single redraw call is executed on exit of using block

However, you wont’ be able to zoom or pan the chart while the chart is suspended – it freezes all drawing.

What is it you want to achieve exactly? If you can describe how you’ve setup the chart, and the expected behaviour, it would help.

Best regards,

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Hi Shai

If you are using XyDataSeries.FIFOCapacity then the max size of the dataseries is fixed to that size. Points appended over the FIFOCapacity will be discarded.

It sounds to me like what you want to do is achieve this kind of behaviour:

enter image description here

In the above: a FIFO-like scrolling chart is updating in realtime. When you zoom, the chart freezes and you can zoom into a section. Double clicking resets the zoom and resumes scrolling.

Is this what you need? It’s covered in Tutorial 06 – Adding Realtime Updates under the heading “Preserving Old Data and Allowing Zooming”

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