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Get TextAnnotation Text after user editing

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I have a TextAnnotation which is set up to edit, I use KeyUp event handler to inspect the Text property but this property does not get updated. If I set the Text value in code I can read it back with the value set in code no problem.

The KeyEventArgs parameter has the character typed but thinking I shouldn’t need to build up a string of entered text?

Looked through documentation and Q&A but nothing relevant.


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Hi Miles

If you bind your TextAnnotation.Text to a property in a ViewModel, you will be notified when the text changes in the Viewmodel setter.

Best regards,

  • Miles Merckel
    Hi Andrew Thanks for the reply. On closer inspection it does update the Text property but only when it loses focus. A regular Textbox does the same but the text property can be forced to update on a property change without losing focus by using Text=”{Binding MyBillboardText, Mode=TwoWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}” This approach doesn’t work for the TextAnnotation so I will use the lose focus approach. Thanks Miles
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