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Get Value from FastLineRenderableSeries based on XAxis Value


I have a chart that has a DateTime XAxis and a NumericYAxis. I want to do something such as FastLineRenderableSeries.GetYValueAt(datetime) yet i can’t find a suitable extension method for such thing. Seems like a fairly simple thing but the documentation does not cover it.

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Hi Clifford,

We have an API to do this – called the HitTest API.

You can find Hit Test API documentation here.

And examples here.

Basically, you call RenderableSeries.HitTest to get the details of a point under an X,Y coordinate, or RenderableSeries.VerticalSliceHitTest to get the details of a point at an X-Value.

The HitTestInfo result contains details about the point that was hit.

Some code like this should work:

        FastLineRenderableSeries rSeries;
        DateTime dateTime;
        double xCoord = rSeries.XAxis.GetCoordinate(dateTime);
        var hitTestInfo = rSeries.VerticalSliceHitTest(new Point(xCoord, 0));

        Console.WriteLine("Y-Value is " + hitTestInfo.YValue.ToString());
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