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Get X,Y Max and min values from Chart

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Hi I currently do need to get two things for which I currently have no clue how to get it.

I’m using FastLineRenderableSeries and XyDataSeries<double,double> in SciChart 2D.

1st: The absolute min and max values from an curve.

What I found is that I can get the YMax/YMin and XMax/XMin, but that is not what I need.

-> I need to get the “Point” (x, and y value) where the maximum/minimum is.

2nd: I Need the X-value of an Y-Value (or the list of x-values if the y-value does exist more than once).
Lets say I have the y-Value “5” and want to know at which x-value this is.

Is there a fast and elegant way to get this information from existing RenderableSeries via the SciChart API, or Do I need to get this information from my data source before appending the curves?


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Hi Bernd

It’s as simple as

 double yMax = double.MinValue; 
 int indexMax = -1;
 IList<double> yValues = DataSeries.YValues as IList<double>
 for(int i = 0; i < DataSeries.Count; i++)
      double yCurrent = yValues[i];
      if (yCurrent > yMax) 
            yMax = yCurrent; 
           indexMax = i;

 double xMax = (double)DataSeries.XValues[indexMax];

Best regards,

  • Bernd Held
    Thanks Andrew. I had a different complicated idea at first, but this is a good solution for me. Best regards, Ben
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