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Getting the Y-Value of a XY Line Series based on a draggable VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel

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Regarding Andrews comment on my question in this thread:

Thanks Andrew,
actually I need to know which nearest Y-value my XY line series has at the given VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel position. I need this value only for some calculation no need to show this on screen.

I found this post:

But neither your answer Andrew nor the suggested solution of Alitec Developer works for me. The VerticalSliceHitTest() returns always a HitTestInfo with default values and the FindIndex() approach is not suitable for me because I have unsorted data.

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Hi Ronald,

Thanks for your question. You have to pass screen coordinates (pixels) instead of chart coordinates (Annotation.X1, Y1) to VerticalSliceHitTest(..) method. So first you have to transform annotation X1,Y1 coordinates into screen coordinates using our CoordinateTransformation API. Please find more info in this documentation article.

Try it and let me know if it helps,

Best regards,

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