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I’m trying to make a spark that follows the real time graph’s last added position. I want it to work as a particle system, fade out on the left as it goes to the right. Is there existing support for such a thing? Is it possible to do it with a shader? What I’m trying to do is better illustrated here,


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We actually did something like this. Not quite as cool as your video though đŸ™‚

Take a look at our article How to Create a Sweeping ECG Chart.

Here, we use an annotation with a WPF BlurEffect (uses shaders) to trace the latest point in the plot. Have a play with that, let me know what you think!

If you wanted to make it closer to the video, you’d need to create a shader effect and attach to the SciChartSurface.RenderSurface. I’ve never created one of these before, but it can be done.

Best regards,

  • kewur
    That looks nice, I think that I might be able to use the Annotations like a particle system, basically generate an annotation at the new point and increase transparency over X amount of time, destroy afterwards. I think I'll be able to use this project. Thanks
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