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can i draw a chart similar to this in scicharts.

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Hi there,

Yes, it possible in general. Please, take a look at the Modify axis properties example to see different axis/labels formatting in action, and Using of a PaletteProvider or Drag gorizontal treshold to see how parts of the single series can be differently colored. To have a similar tooltip behavior on a series, TooltipModifier can be used.

For more detailed answer, please, specify in the request which particular features you are looking for. Then we could suggest you something or point at some example of implementation.

Hope this helps,

Best regards,

  • gokulhyd
    i am unable to get a gradient line with the above given examples. Can you provide me with a very basic example.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there, We don't support Gradient brushes on lines in SciChart, only SolidColorBrush. The reason for this is we had to implement a fast low-level rendering engine to replace the slow Vector engine in WPF. This means we can draw lines very fast, but can't support some features such as Gradients on lines. We do support Gradient brushes as Mountain, Column, Candlestick chart fills however, so you can get some eye candy in the chart! Best regards, Andrew
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