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I have some performance issues on some of my test computers.

Most of them perform very well but low end machines with onboard graphics card and low clockspeed cpu starts to lagg much. My plot is simple 2d lineseries(and it starts to lagg as soon as data is plotted).

I have of course been looking at, and implemented my solution according to the suggestions in this thread: http://

So my question is: What is the hardware requirements for SciChart? Amount of RAM, CPU clock speed, is it adviced to have a dedicated radeon/nvidia graphics card?

Best regards,

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Hi Jeppe,

We have a System requirements FAQ here.

Faster CPU is preferable over better GPU as SciChart is CPU intensive. Fast memory speed is preferable over more memory. Is it possible to upgrade the machines? It sounds glib but a new CPU is a lot cheaper than the developer time to further optimize the code!

Oh, something you should know. We have a hotfix v2.31 in final testing which you should try out. This has some optimizations which may help in low memory circumstances. One customer reported 40-100% performance improvements with it. It will be ready within a few days.

Best regards,

  • Unisense A/S Tueager
    Hi Andrew, many thx for the reply. We are testing on low end machines because some of our customers has low end machines. Sounds great about the Hotfix i'll take a look at it :D. Have e nice day! Best regards, Jeppe
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