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HeatMap custom coloring

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I have a question regarding coloring on the Heatmap.

Is it possible to color the heatmap titles by some other other value than the data value, like Color? CustomColorProvider(x, y, data value, DataSeries)? We would like to color by “value order” and not the actual value, and have the actual values displayed as text on the titles. (I have tried to adjust the ColorMap GradientStops, but without success)

DataValues could be
[ 10.5, 12.5, 1.234E+150]
[ 1, 2, -1.234E+150]
[-10.5, -12.5, 1.234E-150]

This should result in 9 evenly spread colors.

Best regards
Peter Friis Hansen

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Hi Peter,

At the moment, the only way to colour the heatmap is by the Values plus the ColorMap LinearGradientBrush, which converts values into colours.

We are aware a number of customers want more features out of the heatmap, including:

  • Better performance
  • More colouring / paletting options (including Heatmap PaletteProvider)
  • More interpolation options

We have a number of tasks on our board to add these features in coming releases (e.g. 4.1, 4.2) and hopefully we will be able to get them done in the next month or two. I can’t promise anything though but rest assured we do know about it and we do know people want this.

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