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Heatmap on vertical charts

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I’m using FastHeatMapRenderableSeries in my project. I need to display this HeatMap on vetrical charts. But when I make AxisAlignment=”Right” for x-axis and AxisAlignment=”Bottom” for y-axis, the HeatMap disappears.
How can I fix this?

I’ve attached an example project below

Thanks in advance

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Hi Vyacheslav,

The current implementation of Heatmap doesn’t support vertical chart. Actually, there is a NotImplementedException thrown with this message:

Exception thrown: ‘System.NotImplementedException’ in SciChart.Charting.dll
SciChartSurface didn’t render, because an exception was thrown:
Message: We are sorry! The vertical chart feature is not supported by the FastHeatMapRenderableSeries currently.

It appears in the Output window too.

Currently we are working on a new 2D Heatmap implementation, which will support vertical charts and will be faster. Hopefully it will be added to the next SciChart version.

Best regards,

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