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Hello folks,

I am currently evaluating your charting capabilities, and am very pleased with what I see so far. One of our requirements, however, appears to be a struggle for your software. I am hoping you will show me the light!

We generate measurements of acoustic data into a 2 dimensional array of bytes in a file on disk. This file could be very large, potentially 2^17 x 2^17 bytes (128k x 128k or 17GB) We would like to be able to display them via a heatmap.

To test the functionality, I generated a byte[10k,10k] in memory and gave it to the Heatmap series with a simple gradient brush with 2 stops, 0=White, 1=Black. The gray scales render beautifully, and quite snappy too.

Obviously, the real data is too large to store in a [,] structure in memory. However, it appears that the only API to your heatmap requires the [,] architecture. So my question is this: am I missing something? Is there a virtualized mechanism for handling large datasets, such as a callback mechanism or the like? And assuming not (I think have done some pretty exhaustive exploration), what would be your recommended approach?

Thank you in advance for your response,

  • Michael Dusoe
    I am looking at this as part of our evaluation, and would like to know what is available for options in this regard. I am hoping that the lack of response doesn’t mean I have stumped you :) Could you please provide some insight into an approach for this issue? Thanks a lot, Mike.
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