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Hide and show axis labels on 3D charts programatically

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My name is Harold Ramírez and I have a question I would like you to answer because I don’t find any doucmentation about it online.

I have a WPF application with several charts, some of them in 3D. These 3D charts have the X axis in horizontal, Y in vertical and the Z in depth. I want only to keep the labels on the X and Y axis, on the left and bottom of the chart.

The only documentation I have found is this page:, and only shows how to make it in XAML, but I need it to do it programatically in C#.

Thank you for your time.


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Hi Harold,

Thanks for your question.
DrawLabelsModeProperty is a WPF attached property:

So you can set it in code this way:

sciChartSurface.SetValue(XyAxisPlane.DrawLabelsModeProperty, eAxisPlaneDrawLabelsMode.AxisPlaneDrawLabelsLocalX);

Hope this helps.

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