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Hi, How to hide X Axis Label in CursorModifier?

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Hi Shiwa,

We don’t have a way to do this via the API. You can hide both labels by setting ShowAxisLabels = false but not one label.

Do you have access to the source code? If so you can look at the file CursorModifier.cs. Using this you can override the CursorModifier and change its base behaviour. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this without the source.

Update June 2014
In SciChart 3.1 we’re going to introduce customizing of modifier tooltips via data template selectors. So you could provide empty data template for X axis to hide axis label.

Best regards,

  • shiwa
    Hi Andrew, I have a group chart use MouseEventGroup. I want x axis label alway display in first chart pane. If hide x axis label i can do it, because i use:
    RolloverModifier ShowAxisLabels="{Binding ChildPane.IsFirstChartPane}"
    Another way to do this?
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