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Hiding VerticalSliceModifier tooltips


I would like to show the Y values of the slice on a special panel. So far I have not yet found out how to disable the tooltips that appear next to the annotation line. I have tried to add a ToolTipOpening handler to the anntotated line, to the modifier and to the chart surface but it does not get called.

What should I do?

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Hi there,

You could disable the tooltips by setting the TooltipLabelTemplate property to an empty ControlTemplate.

Also the same effect can be achieved using some workarounds, like setting the SourceMode to “SelectedSeries”, in this case tooltips will appear on the selected series only (having IsSelected set to True) or setting ShowTooltipOn to “MouseMiddleButtonDown”.

Please let us know if the above helps,

Best regards,

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Thanks, it most probably would. However, I already fell back to the regular VerticalLineAnnotation and OnMouseLeftUp:

private void verticalAnnotation_MouseLeftButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)

        var i = mySeries.DataSeries.FindIndex(verticalAnnotation.X1, SearchMode.Nearest);
        my_value.Text = Convert.ToString(MySeries.DataSeries.YValues[i]);

        // snap to the nearest point
        verticalAnnotation.X1 = Convert.ToDouble(TorqueSeries.DataSeries.XValues[i]); 


That might have been the best thing to do anyway because there is actually little need for the VerticalSliceModifier if tooltips are eliminated. I am new to SciChart and have some trouble with picking the right tools.

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