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I’d like to have some kind of highlight functionality for a chart as shown in the attached image. Actually it’s exactly what a ScrollBar control does for an overview, but without changing the visible range. Is there any way to (ab)use the ScrollBar for functionality like this? If not, can you perhaps give me some pointers on how you would implement something like this. Or if there is something similar in SciChart I missed?

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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for clarifying in the comments! This was actually asked before where a customer wanted to combine VerticalLineAnnotation and BoxAnnotation to create draggable regions:

Combine BoxAnnotation with VerticalLine Annotation

It was actually out of this that our CompositeAnnotations API was born.

I think the above forum post should give you a very good hint on how to achieve this and if not, the CompositeAnnotation API may be a bit slicker.

Ask if you have any questions!

Best regards,

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