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Hit Test on Axis or Legend Modifier

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I see that there is a hit test api in SciChart. It is quite easily used if we check that a renderable series is clicked or not. But i want to use it for axis or legend modifier click. So when i click on surface i got the points as x and y point. Now i check that if a axis is clicked or legend modifier is clicked. Please help me in this.

I attached a image which shows sample code that series can be checked by IsHit but there is no such type for axis

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Hi Naveen

We have a sample on how to do this here:

ChartModifierBase Get Notification of MouseDown on Axis or Chart pane

Let me know if this helps,

Best regards,

  • Naveen Badal
    Thanks for giving me the workaround for this. Now i am able to click on X-Axis & Y-Axis. But how can i know if i click on the legend surface. Because now the code you give if i click on legend surface, it just shows Chart Clicked to false. So can you tell how can i check the legend surface clicked. I hope you understand my concern.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    The only way to do this is to use the technique from “Binding LegendModifier.LegendData to SciChartLegend” and creating the SciChartLegend control. Then you can register MouseDown events on it like any other control.
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