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HitTest with MVVM?


Hi folks,

What’s the recommended practice for returning values from hit testing back to my viewmodel? I’m calling HitTest() from a mouse click handler in my view codebehind, but I’d like to deal with the results in the viewmodel.


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Hi George,

Maybe create a custom modifier, in which override all mouse events you need, and have a property which holds SeriesInfo collection. So you can bind to this property from the ViewModel. Or even create this modifier in the ViewModel and bind it to the surface’s ChartModifier property. This allows you to add an event to this modifier and subscribe to/handle it in the ViewModel.

Does this make sense for you?

Best regards,

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I know this is old but anyway,

how can I perform a hit test on a VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel. I tried it serval ways but HitTestInfo always returns with it’s default values. After that I created a custom VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel with a VerticalLineAnnotationForMvvm. In the MoveAnnotationTo() of VerticalLineAnnotationForMvvm I performed the VerticalSliceHitTest() and it worked. Is it possible to expose the HitTestInfo result of my VerticalLineAnnotationForMvvm to the parent VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel()?


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    You want to know if a user mouse-over a VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel or if they clicked on it (selected it)? HitTest API specifically is for RenderableSeries, for annotations, you’ll need to use mouse events or triggers. Why don’t you … open a new question with some more details about what you want / what you’ve tried and we will see how to help you. Best regards, Andrew
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