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In the Knowledge Base, an article discusses a rollover modifier that utilises a vertical hit test to draw a vertical line at the cursor and highlight the nearest point:—part-1—creating-a-custom-rollover-modifier

This is perfect for data which moves/is unique along the X axis (such as time series data).

How can I best replicate this modifier for data which moves/is unique along the Y axis? Drawing a horizontal line is easy, but there is no HorizontalSliceHitTest function.

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Hi Rick

Are you talking about a chart which has been rotated using our Flipped / Vertical Charts API? If so, then VerticalSliceHitTest will work in this case as well. Everything gets transformed by 90 degrees.

However, if you are looking for a Horizontal Slice hit-test then I’m afraid one doesn’t exist. The best I can recommend is to use our X-Y Hit-Test API and to search for the nearest X-value at corresponding Y in order to find the closest point.

Best regards,

  • Rick C
    I wasn’t referring to a flipped chart, but using one is I guess an acceptable workaround. I tried the X-Y hit-test API approach and didn’t have much success. Taking the VerticalStickyHitTestRolloverModifier (as I renamed the one in the Knowledge Base) and simply drawing a horizontal line instead (thus HorizontalStickyHitTestRolloverModifier) with the caveat that it only works on rotated charts is simple enough, if a little inelegant.
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