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We implemented a vertical graph in a WPF project.
We’d like to add a mecanism similar to the VerticalSliceModifier on it, something like a HorizontalSliceModifier.

Do you have any clue for ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jerome,

We don’t have a HorizontalSliceModifier, or the ability to show tooltips on horizontal lines like the VerticalSliceModifier. I can add it as a feature request.

May I point you in the direction of our Custom ChartModifier API documentation though. Here you will find loads of examples on creating custom modifiers. Of particular interest is Custom ChartModifiers – Part 1 – Creating a Custom Rollover Modifier.

This shows you how the RolloverModifier works internally, drawing a vertical line on the chart, and intercepting all series to show tooltips. Maybe you can adapt this for your needs?

If you do find a solution, please feel free to post it here, as other users will benefit from it!

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Andrew

Thanks for the answer.
If this ability is added as a feature request, do you have any idea of when it will be available? To know if it is relevant for us to implement it, or if we can wait a bit.

Best regards

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