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how can i added a line in my chart


Hello All,

i draw in real time my curve and i want added a line(For exemple Y=0.055) in my chart (like my picture)!
it’s possible to draw in Scichart a serie (line) when you make just the Yvalue like my picture i want just identify the Y=0,055 ?

how can i did this with scichart ?
Thank You
Best Regards,

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Hi Sahar,

You can add a line easily, by using the HorizontalLineAnnotation. Please see our article Annotations are Easy! for further details.

We also have many examples which include horizontal lines, for instance, these ones:

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

  • sahar Les
    Hi Andrew, thank you but i want added this line from the code XAML.cs a not from the code XAML because always the users have the possiblity to change the value of Y ! (like the Threshold) Best Regards Sahar.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Sahar, every line of code in XAML is interchangeable in C# (code-behind). You'll have to do some homework to find out how! If you want to do this because users change values, then maybe architecting your application with MVVM and using data binding is a better way. Best regards, Andrew
  • sahar Les
    Hi Andrew, Okay thank you.Best Regards,Sahar
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