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How do I have two series share the same data where one series displays the data untouched, the other transformed

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My idea was to have two FastLineRenderableSeries that both share the same XyDataSeries. One series will display the data as-is as an absolute value, while the other will display the same data relative to some arbitrary value. Each series would get it’s own axis.

Is there a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do, or is there another approach that accomplishes the same thing?

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Hi Dan

The only way to achieve this now is to perform the transform inside a CustomRenderableSeries.

For example we do this in our Spline Line WPF Chart example, where we take line data and transform it into a spline curve inside a custom series.

In the future, we are writing a Filters API that will allow for you to daisy-chain DataSeries and apply filters (functions, transforms) to them. This will be coming as part of SciChart v5 which we announced an early access preview for a couple of weeks ago.

Best regards,

  • Dan Pilat
    Awesome, thanks Andrew.
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