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How do I tweak a built-in theme?


I’m happy with most of the themes but there are at least two things that I want to change:

  • the Electric theme, the foreground and background color choices for the x-axis label on the vertical slice modifiers make the text almost unreadable so I need to change one or both colors

  • the BrightSpark theme hides the minor tick marks and I want to make them visible

Can I tweak such things with the built in themes, do I need to delete the built in theme and recreate it, or what exactly?

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Hi David,

Everything we have on themes can be found below.

Specifically, take a look at Example for implementing IThemeProvider

Best regards,

  • David Adams
    What is the ThemeColorProvider property name for the vertical line annotation label foreground color?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    VerticalLineAnnotation.Stroke is bound to RubberBandStrokeBrush in v3.2. Not very intuitive. We ought to improve this in future versions. Also AnnotationAxisLabel.Foreground is bound to TickTextBrush, and AnnotationLabel.Foreground is bound to Stroke.
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