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How does one set the color of a datapoint based on custom logic? C# WPF

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I want to implement something like, if a certain analysis value/custom logic is true for one of the values in the loop, –> set this bar color to ‘orange’ as an example, how can i do this?

   // Create a dataset of type x=DateTime, y=Double
  var dataSeries = new OhlcDataSeries<DateTime, double>();

   // Prices are in the format Time, Open, High, Low, Close (all IList)
  var prices = smallerList;

    // Append data to series. SciChart automatically redraws
    for (var i = 0; i < prices.Count(); i++)

 // Convert TIME to a 4-digit string (e.g., 5 becomes "0005", 15 becomes "0015")
 string timeString = prices[i].Value.TIME.ToString("D4");

 // Parse the TIME field
 int hour = int.Parse(timeString.Substring(0, 2));
 int minute = int.Parse(timeString.Substring(2, 2));

 // Create the DateTime object
 DateTime dateTime = new DateTime(prices[i].Value.YEAR, prices[i].Value.MONTH, prices[i].Value.DAY,      hour, minute, 0);
 Dispatcher.Invoke(() =>
     //here we append values in 'dataSeries', how do i do something like, 'bool condition = 
// returnCustomLogic('dataValues') --> outputs true, if true --> set this bar color to orange

     // Update the UI element on the UI thread


     Dispatcher.Invoke(() =>
 StockChart.RenderableSeries[0].DataSeries = dataSeries;

 // Zoom Extents - necessary as we have AutoRange=False
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Hi Adan,

Programmatically setting the color of a data-point can be done with our PaletteProvider API. This allows you to create classes or functions to change the color of data-points for line, scatter, column series and more based on custom code

From the documentation:

RenderableSeries APIs – Paletted Series

SciChart features the ability to change color on a point-by-point
basis, using the PaletteProvider feature.

Many series types support PaletteProvider, including:

  • FastLineRenderableSeries
  • XyScatterRenderableSeries
  • FastCandlestickRenderableSeries
  • FastMountainRenderableSeries
  • FastColumnRenderableSeries
  • FastOhlcRenderableSeries
  • FastBubbleRenderableSeries

To enable the paletting feature, you need
to create a class which inherits IStrokePaletteProvider or
IFillPaletteProvider, or IPointMarkerPaletteProvider, and assign or
bind to the BaseRenderableSeries.PaletteProvider property.

Let me know if this helps!

Best regards,

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