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How to append 1 tick diff data for appending data at X-Axis(DateTimeAxis)

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I have high sampling data.

Data’s diff is 1 ~ 5 tick.

If data append on chart, do not display at each tick.

I want to append 1 tick diff data, and right display.

How to do set chart property or what should I do?

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Hi SeongKi Kang

Thank you for your question. There is a known issue in SciChart that the DateTimeAxis doesn’t support full DateTime precision.

This is explained thoroughly in this forum question.

There is a workaround in the Forum Question above:

use NumericAxis and LabelProvider (thanks to Paul Frivold for confirming its use in the field)!

For example, if your data ranges from 1st Jan 2016 – 1st Jan 2017 and you want a scale of 100ns, you can represent the data like this:


Now use LabelProvider to format the labels as a Start Date plus 100*X nanoseconds, where X is the X-value.

The LabelProvider API feeds into both axis labels and tooltips so your users will be unaware you are using whole numbers under the hood.

Also, if you want to see us work on a high-precision Date Axis please consider to use the ‘Request a Feature‘ button in the website!

Best regards,

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