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In the column chart,
The first bar is shown as half on vertically (refer to the below image).

I want to display all width of bar not half.

To do this, I use

VisibleRange=”-0.5, … in xaml.

by this, first chart display is right,
but when the user double click on chart to show all data in column chart,
scale is changing and the ‘half fist bar’ is shown.

I want to show all first bar in any scale.

How to do this?

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Best Answer

Hi there,

You should try setting

    <NumericAxis GrowBy="0.1, 0.1"/>

in XAML. This will add some padding around the VisibleRange Min and Max on the chart. The padding is computed as a fraction of VisibleRange. E.g. if XAxis.VisibleRange is 0, 10, then GrowBy of 0.1, 0.1 adds 10% extra to the left and right.

Best regards,

  • Thomas Lischka
    Hi there, I got the same problem with that column chart. But unfortunately neither the visible range nor the grow by properties are able to fix that problem. Both properties are only applying space to the right side of the chart, the first column is always shown half. What else could lead the chart to a behavior like that?
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