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I am using SciChart in a WPF application. I have added the CursorModifier to the ModifierGroup. I find that it is difficult at times to land on the data point with the mouse in order for the ToolTip to display.

Is there a way to change the sensitivity for how close the mouse pointer must be in order for the ToolTip to display?


Version 4
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Hi Dave,

It’s not possible to adjust the CursorModifier sensitivity, however, you can try changing some of the options for the CursorModifier.

For instance, if you set ShowTooltipOn.MouseLeftButtonDown, and CursorModifier.SnappingMode you should be able to achieve a usable combination for the CursorModifier to snap to data-series or point.

You can also play with these settings in our WPF Using CursorModifier example.

Best regards,

  • Dave Leach
    Andrew, thanks for your reply. I tried various combinations of ShowTooltipOn and SnappingMode and found only marginal improvement. But more interestingly I discovered that the tooltip will display values that are not part of the data set. Apparently the CursorModifier will generate interpolated values between two actual data points. Is there a way to turn off this feature?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Yes there is, by setting CursorModifier.UseInterpolation = false. This property is default TRUE for the CursorModifier.
  • Dave Leach
    Thanks, that did the trick. Now the crosshair moves to the data point nearest the mouse cursor, making it easy to raise the tooltip to get the data value.
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