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How to customise a graph and save it in order to reuse as custom template


Dear all,

I just try to evaluate your tool for a customer project which will start soon and need to see if SciChart is allowing customer request.

One of the request is as below :

The idea is to offer the user of our app to see a list of graph that can be used.
From this list of graph the user can select a default graph to see his data
Then an other possibility is that starting from a default graph template, user could change parameter setting of the selected graph and save it to a new custom graph name he can reuse afterwards.

Is this something possible ?
If yes how to save that new graph settings and recall it ?

Thanks for your help and advise on this


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We have something like this called Serialization. It is possible to save the graph state (not data but the state such as RenderableSeries, Axis, Properties, Themes, whether Tooltip is enabled etc etc).

To do this, simply XML Serialize the chart.

Then, with your XML you can deserialize onto another chart.

Best regards,

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Thanks andrew.
I understand the point of serialization but do not understand what do you mean by deserialize into an other chart..

let say that I am using the Scatter chart default setting.
Then user manipulate the chart by zooming in, changing some colors etc…

Then I serialize this chart into an XML file named myScatter.xml. So by this I understood that all chart properties and current settings gets capture and saved ( kind of chart state)

Now what i do not understand is that, if my customer would like to use the scatter chart with its previous settings, how does it work ?

Do I need to load the chart Scatter as normal and then overwrite the chart object by setting in XML file ?

Any sample would help


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