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How to define a constant X-axis range that all points enter only in its range?(Follow-up question)

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Hi, I asked a question a few days ago. I will try to explain better what I meant.
I get data in real time and I only care about the Y values.
My problem is that I don’t want to move forward on the X axis – but stay on a defined range
(If I move forward on the X-axis and I want to follow the graph I drew, I must define:

XAxis.AutoRange = SciChart.Charting.Visuals.Axes.AutoRange.Always;

And this means that I won’t be able to zoom properly unless I stop receiving the data, which is unacceptable.
So unless there is a way to set AutoRange = Always and still enable good zoom (similar to ZoomExtentsY for the X-axis), I need an option to keep seeing the graph all the time – without having to set AutoRange = Always so I can zoom.
I think the solution is to create a fixed range on the X-axis that the data will only be displayed on but before I implement it myself, I want to know if there is a better or built-in way to do this.

Just to make sure I’m understood, I want it to behave like in the attached images (the X-axis stays in the same range and the graph “move” to the left whenever new points enter from the right:

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Best Answer

Hi Ravid,

Sounds like the behaviour you want is very similar to a Strip Chart. A scrolling chart as new data is received, but allowing zooming and panning to old data.

This behaviour can be achieved in Scichart. First, read this old (but relevant) article How to Create a Scrolling Strip Chart in SciChart?

Next, look at our up to date tutorial on how to do this here.

The part about Preserving Old Data and Allowing Zooming is relevant.

BTW I’ve sent an email to Aviv at your company about renewal of licenses – as your support has expired on 6th Dec. Do let them know to get in touch with sales about renewal!

Best regards,

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