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How to fill graphics with color which depends on y-value



I’m working with scicharts graphics and I need to paint (or create surface), which looks like this (image in the attachments, but only with offsets of straight line). So I have some ideas, how to do this:
1)(Non-Prefered as it is very slow) I’m creating the fastlinerenderable series for each value and put it on the image-in this method: how can I speed up my algorithm or make the program take less memory
2)(Prefered) We have got a matrix of values to draw on the surface. How can we put it dot by dot in this method? Is there any authomatic method?

So if there is another good variant of making it, please, tell us!

Thank you in advance!

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I believe it can be achieved with SciChart. Please, take a look at the Heatmap examples from our demo, it requires matrix as an input.

Alternatively, you could use BoxAnnotation with the Relative CoordinateMode. Please, take a look at our examples with annotations to see it in action.

Please, let us know whether something of the above is suitable for you.

Best regards,

  • ilyas
    Thank you for reply. We have tried HeatMapRenderableSeries. But we need to use such modifiers, as MouseWheelZoomModifier and CursorModifier. And when we try to get current position with CursorModifier and scale the chart with MouseWheelZoomModifier, NotImplementedException appers. So how can we fix this trouble?
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi there, The matter is that the hit-test operation isn't implemented for HeatMap in SciChart 2.3v., so modifiers cannot get series info. However, it was implemented in SciChart 3.0v. You can find v3.0 Beta at , please, try it and let us know if it provides the desired behavior. Best regards, Yuriy
  • ilyas
    Thank you. We have started to use 3rd version of SciChart, and all modifiers (which we needed) for HeatMap work fine!
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