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My goal: Cumulate several values over a time span and show them as stacked bars, where the bars should be located exactly over the time span.

Current situation: Bars are always centered around the x value of the datapoint.

Question: How can bars be shifted to the left? In the attached picture the blue bars represent the current situation, the yellow bars are drawn by offseting the x values by -0.5s. The latter is what I wanted to achieve. Is there an easier approach I havn’t seen so far?

Thanks for your support!

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Unfortunately, there isn’t an inbuilt support for this feature. It was requested a few times, and we have a task for it, but it isn’t with a high priority though. You can try creating a custom series class by inheriting FastColumnRenderableSeries and overriding the GetColumnCenterTopAndBottom(..) method there. Inside you can access a data point using renderPassData.PointSeries[pointsSeriesIndex], where variables are passed as params, and you can use coordinate calculators for data point to pixels transformation, like

Please, find more info on coordinate transformation API here: CoordinateCalculators documentation, How get x, y coordinates.

Hope this helps! Please, feel free to ask if you need any assistance,

Best regards,

  • jengel
    Thanks for your reply. I vote for a property which allows to set the bar anchor (left, center, right) with respect to the x-coordinate :-) For the moment I will not try your approach as I've already modified the view model content for the demonstration I gave you. Never the less, thanks for the hints for the way to go.
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