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There is a tabcontrol with two tabitems. Scichart control is in one tabitem, the xy line renderable series of scichart control count is about 5000, and each series has 2000 datas.
At the start, I load and show the scichart curves with loading icon, and it run normally. Then, change to the other tabitem. When I change back to the scichart tabitem , it will taken about 10 secends.
How to reduce the reshow time? Or is there any event occurs when reshow finished which I can used to show loading icon?

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Hi Shao

Have you tried profiling the application to see what is taking the time?

My suggestion is

  • to download JetBrains dotTrace Profiler and run your application with
    profiler detached.
  • Next, immediately before tab switch, start the profiler
  • Switch tabs
  • Now stop the profiler

This will record time spent in functions in your app during the time that you switch tabs. It should reveal what is taking the most time in your code.

If you do this – upload the profile results to Dropbox and post them here, we can analyse them.

Best regards

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Dtt file size is too large. The image is dtt information, please analyse the reshow section.

Best regards
Shao Lin

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi, yes the files are very large. Please upload to Dropbox (or similar) and post the link here
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