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Hi I tried to bind the ChartModifer to a property in the VM. But though it build successful, and there is no warning or errors when I run the application , but the ChartModifier does not work.

Here is my code

    <sci:SciChartSurface Grid.Row="1" 
                         YAxes="{sci:AxesBinding YAxes}"
                         XAxes="{sci:AxesBinding XAxes}"
                         RenderableSeries="{sci:SeriesBinding RenderableSeries}"
                         Background="{Binding ChartBackBrush}"
                         Foreground="{Binding ChartForeBrush}"
                         ViewportManager="{Binding ViewportManager}"
                         ChartModifier="{Binding ChartModifiers}">

In ViewModel, I created all the child for the ChartModifiers. But it does not work.

        ChartModifiers = new ObservableCollection<IChartModifier>();
        ChartModifiers.Add(new ZoomPanModifier()
            ExecuteOn = ExecuteOn.MouseRightButton,
            ClipModeX = SciChart.Charting.ClipMode.None
        ChartModifiers.Add(new ZoomExtentsModifier());
        ChartModifiers.Add(new MouseWheelZoomModifier());
        rolloverModifer = new RolloverModifier()
            ExecuteOn = ExecuteOn.MouseMove,
            ShowTooltipOn = RolloverVisible

        xAxisDrag = new XAxisDragModifier()
            IsEnabled = true,
            ClipModeX = SciChart.Charting.ClipMode.None,
            DragMode = SciChart.Charting.AxisDragModes.Pan
        yAxisDrag = new YAxisDragModifier()
            IsEnabled = true,
            DragMode = SciChart.Charting.AxisDragModes.Pan

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi zhiyu, I asked you before to activate your SciChart license to receive tech support. Could you do this please? Else we will have to disregard questions you ask. Instructions are here: Thank you!
  • Tim
    I think, to get access to the ChartModifiers in your viewModel you have to bind your ObservableCollection to the ChildModifiers of the ModifierGroup.
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