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How to modify all the style elements of a chart dynamically

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What I need to achieve is to allow the user to change the thickness of the axis line for example, the font size of the axis legend, the background color, the grid lines visibility, etc.

My first idea would be to create a ViewModel with all these properties and bind them to the plot, so that when the user changes them via some other control like a slider or a textbox, they get updated in the plot.
Is that the right way to do it ?

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Well you could bind properties in the axis to a ViewModel yes.

  1. Axis.BorderThickness changes the thickness of the axis line
  2. Axis.FontSize changes the text font size
  3. Axis.DrawMajorGridLines changes visibility of major gridlines etc…

We have an example which allows some setting & changing of axis properties here called WPF Chart Modify Axis Properties.

enter image description here

Take a look, let me know if it helps,

Best regards,

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