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How to place a groupbox within Scichart

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I want a group box to be placed on SciChart to the extreme left corner where in if i copy and paste the SciChart to word document group box must be visible with SicChart

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Please find attached pdf’s.
With groupbox pdf is my requirement and other one(without groupbox) is what iam getting currently when iam copying chart to word document. I just used groupbox and placed on scichart may be that is where iam going wrong. How to overcome this problem

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Hi Anitha,

If you are calling SciChartSurface.ExportToBitma(), it will only export the elements that are actually within the SciChartSurface’s visual children.

So the GroupBox – depending on how it is placed on the SciChartSurface may not be a visual child, therefore will not be exported when you call ExportToBitmap().

To include an element in the visual children of the SciChartSurface, you have three choices:

  1. You can re-template the SciChartSurface control template. This is complex and over the top for what you want
  2. You can place elements inside the SciChartSurface.RootGrid, which is simply a grid, at the root of the SciChartSurface
  3. You can place elements on the SciChartSurface.ModifierCanvas, which is a canvas over the top of the SciChartSurface
  4. You can place elements inside a CustomAnnotation inside the SciChartSurface.

Once you do that, calling SciChartSurface.ExportToBitmap() should include the elements in the screenshot.

Best regards,

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