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How to prevent columns from being stacked?

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I want to build a column chart with 2 series. I don’t want columns to be stacked, but rather to show side by side.

The 2 series have the same XVariable (Days of the month). Because of that, whatever I do, I end up with stacked columns. I tried:

  • Using FastColumnRenderableSeries instead of StackedColumnRenderableSeries – It still rendered as stacked columns
  • Assigning a different StackedGroupId to different series – Nothing happened

But it did not work.

I also went into the example “Stacked Columns (Side by Side)”, and tried to change the StackedGroupId of the last serie to “C”, which had no effect. Also, when I made the data have the same X variable, all the columns became stacked (regardless of the StackedGroupId – Does StackedGroupId do anything?)

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Cadbo,

We are undertaking work in our internal build to improve the Column charts API to allow you to create more Excel style charts. Please see our preview of v3.2 here:

New Columns side-by-side / Stacked Columns API

This feature is still in progress and subject to review, however we have listened to your feedback about the Side-by-side columns / Stacked columns and improved this API to allow more Excel-style charts. More to be announced soon.

Best regards,

  • cabdo
    Thank you. Looking forward to it. My support period will be finished in 20 days, do you think this release will be done before? If not, what can I do to get this update (short of rebuying the entire suite)
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there, possibly, but there are always stability updates (bug fixes) shortly after we release a new feature or features like these. Depending on which product you have (Basic, Pro, Source), you might be able to renew quite cheaply. You may have received a renewal email with renewal options. If not, contact sales and let us know!
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