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How to Replace Major and Minor Grid lines With Points at Intersection point


Hi All!
I need to replace major and minor grid lines in sci-chart surface with points at Intersection point; like attached image. is there any way to do that in WPF?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Although this is not available out of the box, it is not hard to implement this behavior through CustomRenderbaleSeries API. Coordinates of Gridlines can be obtained using Axis API, specifically TickProvider and TickCoordinatesProvider:

        var axisParams = (IAxisParams)XAxes[0];

        var majorTicks = TickProvider.GetMajorTicks(axisParams);
        var minorTicks = TickProvider.GetMinorTicks(axisParams);

        var coordinates = TickCoordinatesProvider.GetTickCoordinates(minorTicks, majorTicks);

Then dots can be drawn at coords intersections. Please see the article about CustomRenderbaleSeries API for more details about drawing.

Also, you have to turn off default Gridlines. This can be done via DrawMajorGridLines, DrawMinorGridLines properties on Axes.

Please let me know if this helps,

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