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i have a scichart that is rendering some analog values with a scrollbar in the Y-axis. The problem is the scrollbar needs to reset so that the selected range can be changed when the values change to a different scale or offset. However, the scrollbar remembers the selected range and sticks to it. The Y axis is set to AutoRange =”Always” but that does not help either.

  <s:SciChartSurface x:Name="sciChart">
                    <s:FastLineRenderableSeries Stroke="{ets:ETStyleRef ResourceKey=RenderableSeriesColor}" StrokeThickness="2" DataSeries="{Binding DataSeries}" />
                    <s:TextAnnotation FontWeight="Bold" Margin="2" Text="{Binding Label}" Padding="10,0,0,0"/>
                <!--X Axis-->
                    <s:TimeSpanAxis GrowBy="0.0, 0.1" AxisAlignment="Bottom" VisibleRange="{Binding DateRange, Mode=TwoWay}" Visibility="{Binding XAxisVisible, Converter={StaticResource boolVisibilityConverter}}" DrawMajorGridLines="True" DrawMinorGridLines="True" DrawMajorTicks="True" DrawMinorTicks="True" DrawLabels="True"/>
                    <s:NumericAxis DrawMinorGridLines="True" DrawMinorTicks="True" AutoRange="Always" TextFormatting="0.#######" AxisAlignment="Left">
                            <s:DoubleRange Max="0.1" Min="0.1" />
                            <s:SciChartScrollbar x:Name="chartScrollbar" Width="16" />
                        <common:RubberBandXyZoomModifierEx ReceiveHandledEvents="True" IsEnabled="True" ZoomExtentsY="True" IsAnimated="False" />
                        <s:ZoomPanModifier ReceiveHandledEvents="True" IsEnabled="True" ExecuteOn="MouseRightButton" XyDirection="XDirection" ZoomExtentsY="True" />
                        <s:MouseWheelZoomModifier ActionType="Zoom" Tag="FirstYAxis" ReceiveHandledEvents="True" XyDirection="YDirection"/>
                        <s:YAxisDragModifier Tag="FirstYAxis" ReceiveHandledEvents="True" />
                        <s:ZoomExtentsModifier IsAnimated="False" XyDirection="YDirection" ReceiveHandledEvents="True" />
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Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

Scrollbar.SelectedRange is bound to Axis.VisibleRange by default. So when you use ZoomExtentsModifier Scrollbar resets its SelectedRange the same as VisibleRange for Axis.

Unfortunately, I can’t be more helpful without seeing your code.
Could you please provide us a small sample reproducing the issue for investigation?

I have also noticed that you have renewed your previous license, however, have not activated it yet. Please do so, here are the steps:

It will allow you to have access to the newest features.

It also shows you as a support active customer on our support desk.

Thanks in advance.

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