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How to switch/define multiple FastHeatMapRenderableSeries.ColorMap for the same chart

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I would like to define two FastHeatMapRenderableSeries.ColorMap s. One in black and white for printing and the other one, … Why not just for the fun of it :D. How would I be able to switch between ColorMaps ( preferably through binding ) in wpf?

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Hi Michel,

The FastHeatMapRenderableSeries.ColorMap property accepts a LinearGradientBrush. We get the gradient stops out (position, color) in order to determine the heatmap colours.

So change this dynamically, simply bind to the ColorMap property with a converter, e.g.


    <LinearGradientBrush x:Key="PrintBrush">
        <GradientStop Offset="0" Color="Black" />
        <GradientStop Offset="1" Color="White" />

    <LinearGradientBrush x:Key="DefaultBrush">
        <GradientStop Offset="0" Color="DarkBlue" />
        <GradientStop Offset="0.2" Color="CornflowerBlue" />
        <GradientStop Offset="0.4" Color="DarkGreen" />
        <GradientStop Offset="0.6" Color="Chartreuse" />
        <GradientStop Offset="0.8" Color="Yellow" />
        <GradientStop Offset="1" Color="Red" />

    <BoolToValueConverter x:Key="ColorMapConverter" 
                 TrueValue="{StaticResource PrintBrush}" 
                 FalseValue="{StaticResource DefaultBrush}"/>



<s:FastHeatmapRenderableSeries ColorMap="{Binding IsPrintModeBooleanProperty, Converter={StaticResource ColorMapConverter}}"/>

There is an example of BoolToValueConverter in the SciChart WPF Examples Suite.

Hope this helps!

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