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I’d like to use SciChartInteractionToolbar in my application.

For that, I need to include the following resources in your application.

<ResourceDictionary Source="/SciChart.Examples.ExternalDependencies;component/Resources/Styles/SciChartExampleToolbar.xaml" />
<ResourceDictionary Source="/SciChart.Examples.ExternalDependencies;component/Resources/Styles/ToolbarButtonsCommon.xaml" />

I confirmed that these resources are included in the following files.
“C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SciChart Ltd \ SciChart SDK \ ExamplesBin \ SciChart.Examples.ExternalDependencies.dll”

However, the following files do not contain the above resources.
“C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SciChart Ltd \ SciChart SDK \ Lib \ net47 \ SciChart.Examples.ExternalDependencies.dll”


Best Regards.

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Hi Kenichi,

It is strongly advised not to use SciChart.Examples.ExternalDependencies.dll in your application.

The reason is:

  1. SciChartInteractionToolbar/SciChart3DInteractionToolbar are not actually controls that we support, they are shipped with the SciChart WPF Examples Suite and intended for demonstrating scichart only.

  2. They are found in SciChart.Examples.ExternalDependencies.dll which is a very large DLL (20MBytes) containing our example code data-files such as all the data you see in the Examples App.

However, there is a workaround if you wish to use the toolbar.

You can view the source for the SciChartInteractionToolbar / SciChart3DInteractionToolbar as we ship the full source for the examples app over at our Github page.

If you want to use our source just copy it in to your application and compile it. It is licensed without warranty / as-is.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much.

I will get it from Github and I will incorporate it into the application.

Best regards,

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